014. A Biblical and Clinical Approach to Homosexuality and Emerging Gender Identities and Ideology

Afternoon Workshops (1:30 – 4:45 PM)


Kathy Koch, Ph.D. Christine Sneeringer, M.A.

CE Credits


Professional CE Credit


IBCC Credit

Pastoral Counselors, Pastors, Teachers, Coaches,

CME/CEU Credit




Chances are good that most individuals who work in some mental health field may have never imagined talking with people about gender dysphoria or as many people about sexuality as they are. As with any issue, ministry leaders, coaches, and parents must help children and teens unpack their emotions and identify root issues, false beliefs, fears, goals, and hopes. In this workshop, participants will learn how different traumatic experiences can increase risk factors for same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria in some teens and children. Ministry leaders, coaches, and parents will develop strategies that provide excellent care without compromising the truth about biblical sexuality and gender. The presenters will explain how to present truth with compassion so youth and family members overcome obstacles, improve their relationships, and make progress in overcoming sexual issues.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:
1. Identify different types of traumatic experiences that can increase risk factors for same-sex attractions and gender dysphoria and appropriate strategies for providing care.
2. Articulate the importance of prioritizing grace, empathy, and compassion in discipleship to help with psychological and spiritual safety within the relationship.
3. Develop or improve capacity for graciously inviting confession of sexual issues, which leads to healing.