208. The Power of Psychological Safety: Creating a Trauma-informed Ministry

Friday, April 12th 1:30 – 3:00 PM ,, Spiritual and Mental Health First Aid, Workshops


Chinwe Williams, Ph.D.

CE Credits


Professional CE Credit


IBCC Credit

Pastoral Counselors, Pastors, Teachers, Coaches,

CME/CEU Credit





Trauma is the most widespread form of suffering in the world today. For Christian clients, God designed them to be in relationships, yet trauma can cause deep emotional pain and undermine one’s ability to cultivate psychologically safe and satisfying relationships. Regardless of the original cause, the impact of trauma on a young person is significant and can limit their ability to flourish. In the current environment of widespread individual and collective trauma, licensed mental health professionals and ministry leaders are well-positioned to demonstrate Jesus’ unfailing love and grace to Christian clients. This workshop will describe the foundations of trauma and its neurobiological and psychological impacts on clients. Participants will learn how to recognize cues of safety and danger in a child and how to effectively intervene based on their level of ability. Participants will leave this workshop with a framework for a trauma-informed ministry and tools to effectively connect with a kid or teen who has experienced interpersonal trauma.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

1. Describe the science of trauma, including the effects of interpersonal trauma on an individual’s mental, emotional, and social well-being.

2. Identify guidelines for trauma-competent care in church ministry with willing Christian clients.

3. Develop simple, yet powerful, tools that can be applied to help promote psychological safety and a nervous system reset in an activated child or teen.